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How You Could Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Syracuse

September 10, 2021 - Bed Bugs

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Even if you know a few facts about bed bugs in the Syracuse area, you’re probably no expert. There are many myths regarding these annoying creatures, and you could have it all wrong. Learn all the ways in which you might be wrong about the local bed bugs.

Myth #1: Bed Bugs Only Live In Beds Of Dirty Homeowners

If you believe this statement, you fell for two different myths about bed bugs. You’re wrong in thinking that bed bugs only live in beds. Although these pests do often live under mattresses and in headboards, they could be in other areas of your home. They might be on your sofa or in a picture frame in your living room. Although they prefer sleeping areas, bed bugs could be anywhere.

It’s also a myth that bed bugs only live in dirty homes. Because bed bugs feed on human blood, they don’t need your crumbs. They aren’t attracted to overflowing garbage or to spilled food. As long as your home has people or animals in it, bed bugs have a reason to move in.

Myth #2: Bed Bugs Spread Diseases

There are plenty of reasons to dislike bed bugs, but the ability to spread diseases isn’t one of them. If you look at the research, there’s no concrete evidence that bed bugs spread diseases to humans. However, there are a few other concerns and you shouldn’t invite these common Syracuse pests into your home.

For instance, you could develop insomnia. The constant biting and itching sensation could keep you from sleeping. Another possibility is a secondary infection from the scratching. If bacteria gets into your bite, you could develop a serious infection. In the event of a severe infestation, you may even develop anemia. There are health risks to bed bug infestations.

Myth #3: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

Although bed bugs are small, they’re not exactly microscopic. A full-grown adult bed bug might be the size of an apple seed. Nymphs are smaller but still visible. You just need to know what you’re looking for. If you don’t think you can see a bed bug, you can try looking for other signs of their presence.

One common sign of an infestation is blood on your sheets or pajamas. When bed bugs bite, they leave behind small bloodstains. You might also notice fecal matter on your sheets, bed bug bites on your exposed body parts, and shed skins. If you have any reason to suspect an infestation, call for help right away. The longer you wait to get help, the bigger your infestation will be.

Myth #4: You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Some pests are just too stubborn to kick out. Unfortunately, bed bugs are one of these pests. Once they get into your home, bed bugs tend to stay in place. You can try a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to get rid of bed bugs, but they probably won’t work.

There’s one good reason for this - bed bugs breed quickly. Alone, you won’t be able to kill every egg, nymph, and adult. Despite your efforts, you will have a few remaining bed bugs, and they will reproduce. If you don’t want to have bed bugs anymore, you need the help of a professional.

Only an expert understands what it takes to eliminate bed bugs. Here at All Pest of Syracuse, we have the right tools and knowledge to get rid of bed bugs for good. When it comes to our customers, safety and satisfaction are top priorities. Our trained technicians act quickly to get these pests out of your property. At the first sign of a problem, call us for help. We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest management services.

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