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How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Syracuse?

August 13, 2021 - Cockroaches

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Syracuse is a spot for year-round fun. Centrally located in the heart of New York State, there is always something to do. Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, Syracuse has activities to keep the most avid adventurer busy. Humans are not the only adventurers active during all four seasons. The cockroach can survive any season New York has to offer. From the frigid to the heat, the cockroach will enter any property that provides it with food and water.

3 Common Cockroaches In Syracuse

Cockroaches are common invaders of both homes and businesses. Generally, they have flattened bodies and heads and move quickly on elongated, spiny legs. Most have wings, and long, thin antennae to help them find food and feel their way around in the dark (when they are most active).

The most common cockroaches in the Syracuse area are as follows:

  1. American Cockroach: The American cockroach is the largest of the house-infesting roaches and a common home invading pest in the United States. It is commonly found in commercial buildings, sewers, and basements, particularly around pipes and drains. These roaches will congregate in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. They typically measure around an inch and a half in length but can grow upwards of two inches. They are reddish-brown with a yellow band that outlines the area behind their head.

  2. German Cockroach: The German cockroach is the most plentiful of indoor cockroaches, and it is found worldwide. They prefer warm and humid places. They are sometimes found in bathrooms and basements, but they are typically found in rooms where people eat, such as a kitchen. Adults grow to be about a half inch long and are light brown with two dark (almost parallel) stripes on their back.

  3. Oriental Cockroach: The Oriental cockroach prefers cool spaces. Sewer systems are a favorite home. When outside, they gravitate towards piles of leaves and firewood. When it gets too hot outside, they often enter structures through drains or door thresholds. Once inside, they seek damp and cool places such as basements and crawlspaces. These roaches grow to just over an inch long and have a shiny black to dark reddish-brown color.

Why Do Cockroaches Choose My Syracuse Property?

Most people associate cockroaches with properties that are extremely dirty, unkempt, or abandoned. Keeping properties clean does help deter cockroaches, but if they are desperate for food and water, they will find their way into even the finest of properties. Cockroaches are crafty; they can hitch a ride indoors on belongings, through sewers, under doors, through basement windows, and garages. After accessing your property, they usually make their way to the kitchen looking for food crumbs under appliances, in drains, behind kitchen cabinets, and on the floor.

How Dangerous Are Syracuse Cockroaches?

Cockroaches pick up germs on their body as they crawl through decaying matter or sewage. When they make contact with food or cooking surfaces, they transfer their germs. Cockroaches spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria including:

  • Salmonella

  • Typhimurium

  • Entamoeba histolytica

  • Poliomyelitis virus

Allergens can be found in a cockroach's shed skin, saliva, urine, and droppings which can lead to allergic reactions and asthma attacks, particularly in children.

Who Can Protect You & Your Family From Syracuse Cockroaches?

Once cockroaches get in, they can be hard to remove. They are masters at hiding and are quick and hardy, and most of all, they are multipliers. All Pest of Syracuse is locally owned and operated and trained in extermination and prevention of these nasty critters. All Pest of Syracuse recognizes that cockroaches are a pest that property owners want to get rid of - fast! Let the professionals at All Pest of Syracuse rid you of these nuisance pests. We offer both home pest control as well as commercial pest management services.

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